The Universal Battle Of Good vs. Evil

When you look around, it seems like everything is as it should be. But that is far from the truth. Around you, the sky is blue, trees are sitting perfectly in place, children are playing and laughing, bringing you happiness. In your house, you have comfort, food, and family. You attend your school classes as usual, and/or you go to work every day to do your job. You have things to look forward to, like events, holidays, finding a life partner or achieving your dreams.

We like to think that we live normal and generally satisfying lives. We think that things here on earth are pretty straight-forward, that we understand this world… But I’m here to tell you, there are secrets you MUST know about this world you live in. There’s a lot more than meets the eye and it’s important for you to understand exactly what’s hidden here on earth. With only your knowledge of these secrets, you can change the future of this world which right now looks very dark.

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A View on Marijuana For Recreational Use

I’m 28, some people would still call that young, so I’m not coming from a place of “old school” judgment or anything like that. I’ve experienced a lot spiritually in my years so far and also have well explored and observed the world of marijuana. It’s a whole different world that you enter when you smoke pot and it concerns me how it’s generally being used today.

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God And How We Are All God

It slightly annoys me when people say to leave it in God’s hands, or that God is more powerful than us and he will decide what’s best for us, etc., etc. I get annoyed enough to complain in my head and also have a little discussion with myself about what I think of that. But I’ve learned not to say anything out loud because we must still respect one another, regardless of our differing opinions. We are still all brothers and sisters… You can imagine the reason why I’m writing about it though, I have to vent, and I have to speak my own truth for the people who might connect with it if they choose to. Some things just can’t go unspoken.

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We are alone

I’ve never felt so alone in the world

The walls are crumbling down

No one sees things through my eyes

Even if I could get out, should I?

Time is running out and I can’t waste it

These tears on my pillow won’t dry

The door keeps shutting on me

And I’m alone again

Doesn’t anybody just want to live?

Doesn’t anybody want the truth?

Doesn’t anybody know real love?

I’m so alone in the world.

Life is short

I’m screaming out to you but you can’t hear me

I needed you but you never needed me…

You can’t keep a woman in a loveless life.

And time is running out now

I have no more to give.

How many more chances can I give this?

How much more time can I waste?

Life is short they say

But it’s not short on month or days

It’s short on love and moments of feeling alive

And maybe you don’t have it inside

Or it’s buried too deep.

But I can’t reach you

And I don’t want to try anymore.