A View on Marijuana For Recreational Use

I’m 28, some people would still call that young, so I’m not coming from a place of “old school” judgment or anything like that. I’ve experienced a lot spiritually in my years so far and also have well explored and observed the world of marijuana. It’s a whole different world that you enter when you smoke pot and it concerns me how it’s generally being used today.

We can get one thing out of the way right now, I’m 100% on board for marijuana for medical use, including severe depression and such extreme cases, and also for the future of this planet, even for professional spiritual use. But to say that marijuana is good for us medically so it should also be fine to use recreationally, that’s really not based on anything, only the fact that people enjoy that high because it’s easier to find than a high while being sober. The things in life that are hard to get are the most worthy in my opinion.

There are some who claim to use it to advance themselves spiritually when they have already achieved a certain level of awareness and spirituality for themselves. It may help them connect to higher beings for a higher purpose, whatever it may be. If that’s the case for those individuals, then maybe it’s right for them. There are individual cases and I cannot speak for all of them. This article mainly focuses on the youth today and individuals who are searching for a higher meaning and instead of searching within themselves, they constantly search through the drug, and do not end up finding happiness or true self-knowledge.

Statistics show that 41% of marijuana users are between the ages of 18 and 34, the other smaller percentages are staggered in older age groups. I think it’s safe to assume there would be a very large percentage that is not accounted for, for the ages below 18 years old and it would be amongst the highest percentage of users. This age group, and young adults, is mainly who I think needs to become more aware of the different sides of marijuana. But regardless of your age, everybody should try to be informed about the spiritual consequences of marijuana.


I can’t get behind recreational use with marijuana for a lot of reasons. Mostly spiritual reasons.

The biggest issue for me with marijuana is that it interrupts the spiritual work that you do on yourself. They work against each other. On one hand, marijuana wants you to let go of all control and give it up to the experience. On the other hand, your spirituality wants you to drive yourself where you need to go. So when high, your mind tries to fight your soul from leaving and doing its own thing, it doesn’t feel natural for the mind to lose control. But the high requires you to completely let go in order to do its job of taking you away to another place, worry-free. Continue reading “A View on Marijuana For Recreational Use”

The Taker

There are many kinds of people out there, but some of them will stick out to you because of their irritable personalities when you get to really know them. This particular type of person has made a negative impression on myself and others around them. They have also passed on these qualities to others, which makes for a less positively productive world when you add up how many of these people are out there.

It’s important that we are aware of others and their personality traits. This is important because we need to be conscious of our surroundings and how we get affected, but also because we can notice those characteristics within ourselves and we should correct them as much as we can, along the way.


The Taker :

This article is about “The Taker”. The taker is self-centered, selfish, and they love to take, take, take. They don’t care to give much. If they do give, it’s usually to benefit themselves in the end. And don’t be fooled by their gifts to you, whether in words or in physical ways, these gifts aren’t always to benefit you directly and usually come from a superficial place. Continue reading “The Taker”

How to get rid of your Facebook addiction AND still keep your account!

We don’t know how to really use Facebook. You should make it work for yourself. Don’t let them decide how you should use it and in what way it might run your life. Please read until the end, because I have a great solution for you that keeps you on Facebook but that doesn’t allow Facebook to “run your life” in any way.

Let’s face it, everything is on Facebook these days, you got the people, the events, your community, groups that you’re interested in and keep up with, pages that have news and pictures you respond to. You got your family on there, as well as high school friends that you’d like to stay close enough to if ever you might want to catch up or even just see what they’re up to now. There are people you respect and would like to keep up with in one form or another, either you can see them, or they can see you, but as long as they know you’re still on the face of the earth, and vice versa, that’s great.

Of course you could do without Facebook entirely, so I could tell you, just get rid of it! But the problem always remains (and how they keep us coming back!) that by one click of “delete my account”, you can lose touch with family and friends that are far away, or that you simply don’t visit a lot, but you still care for them. Sure, there’s e-mail, letters and phone calls, but how many e-mails do you have to write, or calls you have to make to properly keep up with everybody you mean to keep up with? It’s simply time-consuming, and we’re selfish with our time. Continue reading “How to get rid of your Facebook addiction AND still keep your account!”

God and how we are all God

It slightly annoys me when people say to leave it in God’s hands, or that God is more powerful than us and he will decide what’s best for us, etc., etc. I get annoyed enough to complain in my head and also have a little discussion with myself about what I think of that. But I’ve learned not to say anything out loud because we must still respect one another, regardless of our differing opinions. We are still all brothers and sisters… You can imagine the reason why I’m writing about it though, I have to vent, and I have to speak my own truth for the people who might connect with it if they choose to. Some things just can’t go unspoken.

What my truth is, is that we are all beautiful, heavenly pieces of “God”, and all together we form what we call “God”. We are all one. I’m not religious, I’m just spiritual, and for certain reasons, I think the word “God” has taken on the wrong general meaning to people in our society today. “God” to me, although I admit I don’t love to use the word “God” because of how others sometimes perceive it, means all things spiritual; the earth, the universe, you, me, our hearts, our bodies, our minds, and all beings and things… basically absolutely everything that exists to me is a little piece of God. Sometimes I prefer using the word “universe”. It’s not very pretty but when I have to use a word with someone, I’ll use that one.


Why do I think that you are God and I am God and we are all God?


I think we are all God because we all come from the same place; this universe, which is like a giant ball of magical things inside, and full of secrets too… just exactly the way you would dream up a whole world. Not boring, not plain, but full of magic and secrets… how much better can it get? It’s such a lie that there’s Continue reading “God and how we are all God”