Preparedness Plan/Emergency Kits

I urge everyone to have their emergency kits stocked and ready to go for any natural disaster (or other) that might occur in your region. There is a very large spike in natural disasters around the world, as well as wars and such, and it’s better to be prepared, no matter where you live.
Pack enough to support your family for 30 days, even better for 6 months to a year if possible. Better safe than sorry.
Some ideas to include in your emergency kit:
– Canned, dried, packaged food (healthier is better)
– Water (lots – fluoride-free)
– Silver/gold/any precious metals ready for trade, plus some cash (coins are better)

– First Aid Kit (as thorough as possible)
– Emergency things you’d have when camping such as; knives, flashlights, lighters/matches, tent, lamp, pots/pans/utensils, heat source, toilet paper, a bunch of bags (for your poop! In case you need to stay inside…), sleeping bags, pillows, etc., etc.
– Blankets
– Medicine – hold on to whatever you have, even if expired, could save a life. Look for sales at stores if you want to stock up for emergencies. Dollar stores have some stuff too.
– Natural medicine such as; essential oils (all kinds), frozen or dried herbs and plants is a good idea to have in case of emergency. These can save lives. Books on natural medicine is a +
– Books/paper/pens/coloring books/puzzles for entertainment
– Tools to hunt
– Extra clothes
– Toiletries – healthy deodorants, fluoride free toothpastes, tooth brushes, etc.
– Vitamins, especially Vitamin D, multi-vitamins is great too
– Shampoos/soaps will be important
– Seeds (Heirloom is better), soil would be good too in case the other is contaminated (but poop can do that too)
– Candles
Other tips:
– Keep your gas tank at least half full at all times
– Keeping at least some water in the car at all times is a good idea
– Have a safe location in mind, away from big cities, even big towns, as well as away from dangerous sites such as volcanoes, near the sea or large lakes, fault lines, etc.
– Have your emergency things well organized in bins for quick escape to the car
– Be certified in CPR (and remember what you learned…)
– Pay attention to alternative news sources as they may issue warnings that could help you
– Do your own research and stay alert
– Enjoy your life right now! That’s the most important thing. Try and appreciate every single experience and do what you dream of.
I’ll add more info to this list as I go so feel free to come check it out again in a few months.

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