Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:14

We are almost there. People are trying very hard to get messages through. We are right around the corner to something very, very big. A big spiritual and physical change is coming toward us.

Life feels different every day for me personally, I can feel it in the air, I can feel it in my body and in everything around me. There is an awakening right now and an even bigger one coming. But this is the time to start appreciating what’s happening. Start really enjoying your life, take every moment in because things are going to change drastically soon. I’ll give you my own theory on time, although I admit it can be different than what I say. But with my research (done with much spiritual insight, and also science and historical facts), I believe there could be a very big change coming our way either this year (2017), or in the coming 6 years (up to 2023 or so). I know there’s a six year difference there but it’s a very small timeline considering the importance in our entire world history of what’s going to happen. I will go into details about everything when I get a chance.

We need to start becoming more our spiritual selves. It’s important for the last bit of time we have. If you feel somewhere within yourself that we may be living in a different world than we should, don’t ignore yourself. This world is what we have made it, but it is a wrong one. I think most people know this today, especially since the last US election and everything that has gone on around that time, and since then. But don’t let yourself be fooled, there is much more going on than what you see on the surface. It isn’t just wars, famines and horrible politicians, it is much more than that.

What I believe it could be… brace yourself, is a war between species, between us and them…. whoever they are. A war of good vs evil. That is what my life has lead to up until now, realizing that our entire existence seems to be a fight between good and evil. Which will win? Which will you give in to? Because whichever one you choose not only affects you, but affects the rest of the world as well. And at the end of the day, choosing evil or bad over good, is giving in to what you would call “the devil”, “evil beings”, “reptilians” or “fallen angels”, you know the so called humans that go around raping children, murdering for the thrill of it, ones who live their entire lives as pedophiles, or just very sick in some other way and torture others along the way. This isn’t just a side effect of being human, no it is the evil that lurks around the earth, in diverse places.

I believe that those people that do those monstrous things could be one of two things.

1. They could be evil beings. Evil aliens, reptilians, or whatever race that is made of evil. And they are hiding behind human skin.

2. They could be regular humans influenced by the evil beings to do bad things. And believe me, there are many ways for the evil beings to convince us to do bad things. We already do some of them every single day. There are many disgusting plots in place to enslave us, control us, use us, destroy us, there are so many things out there, it almost never ends.

I don’t believe these bad things that are currently done around the world could be done by pure humans or pure souls because I think our true essence is good, I think we want love, and all that comes with it, but we have been mixed up with a wrong kind and we have lost our way a little bit. We are all from the stars. How beautiful is that? We forget that we are so beautiful and so spiritually pure. Our souls are still so clean and untouched, but humans have gotten a little dirty along the way.

I also believe we can win this fight, and I believe we will now. We have come a long way and if I have to do it all myself, then I will. Though I believe I’m not alone at all. We must all feel responsible to save our humanity, our souls, our universe from evil.


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