God And How We Are All God

It slightly annoys me when people say to leave it in God’s hands, or that God is more powerful than us and he will decide what’s best for us, etc., etc. I get annoyed enough to complain in my head and also have a little discussion with myself about what I think of that. But I’ve learned not to say anything out loud because we must still respect one another, regardless of our differing opinions. We are still all brothers and sisters… You can imagine the reason why I’m writing about it though, I have to vent, and I have to speak my own truth for the people who might connect with it if they choose to. Some things just can’t go unspoken.

What my truth is, is that we are all beautiful, heavenly pieces of “God”, and all together we form what we call “God”. We are all one. I’m not religious, I’m just spiritual, and for certain reasons, I think the word “God” has taken on the wrong general meaning to people in our society today. “God” to me, although I admit I don’t love to use the word “God” because of how others sometimes perceive it, means all things spiritual; the earth, the universe, you, me, our hearts, our bodies, our minds, and all beings and things… basically absolutely everything that exists to me is a little piece of God. Sometimes I prefer using the word “universe”. It’s not very pretty but when I have to use a word with someone, I’ll use that one.

Why do I think that you are God and I am God and we are all God?

I think we are all God because we all come from the same place; this universe, which is like a giant ball of magical things inside, and full of secrets too… just exactly the way you would dream up a whole world. Not boring, not plain, but full of magic and secrets… how much better can it get? It’s such a lie that there’s some man or some Godly being who is watching over us and generally leading our lives, because then he’d have to be more important than you or me. I certainly don’t believe that. And I don’t believe it because I don’t feel it. Also he’s not a “he”, because he’s not even in human form. So he’s not a “she” or a “he”, it’s just an “it”, and you’re a part of “it”.

Some days, some moments, I feel like I’m the most important being in the whole world, in the whole universe. Because I find these amazing things inside myself; these amazing emotions, thoughts, and realizations that make me feel like I am God, and I’ve got all the answers… and that might sound crazy and obnoxious to you, but a lot of people get those feelings and they’re totally acceptable, as long as you can humble yourself. Because even though it’s extraordinary to feel that way, in the spiritual world, this is ordinary, this is you being your true self, and accepting the truth which is that you are, in the purest sense of the word, amazing. We are ALL that special. When you understand this, the point is not to think that “you’re the only one”, because that’s the selfish way to go, and we aren’t good for anybody when we’re being too selfish.

I STRONGLY believe that it’s harmful to yourself and to others to think that there is something or someone more important than you, and that you have to praise him and what he does for you. You have to praise yourself and what you are doing for you, and what you are doing for others. Praising and appreciating yourself empowers you to do even more good.

You’re just as important as “Gods” or the earth or the moon, the stars, the sun… we are all important entities, and when we leave this life, we might come back here as something else, but in a form that’s just as important as your current self. You might make a different kind of impact on the world then, but you are still an equal piece of the whole puzzle of life. You might even end up on a different planet or in a different type of world. There are so many possibilities out there. Don’t limit yourself to being only “second-best” because of what you think you are; a simple human. You are a soul who travels between different vessels and bodies, different dimensions, different worlds. You are magical, you are from out of this world, you are a burst of energy that affects other beings and things. I believe in you like you are “God”, and so should you. Just always remember to humble yourself because you are not superior than any other life.

One of the things I believe harms you the most when dealing with personal beliefs is to think that you are not fully in control. That can really ruin your chances to get to the places in life where you deserve to be. And religion may have somehow been formed a certain way to make people feel as though they are not in control of themselves. Power and evil forces may seriously be at work here. Religion has become something that is, in a lot of cases, unhealthy in my opinion. I don’t know all or even many religions, but the ones that are most common in the world seem to have problems with controlling people and taking power away from the individual. Losing your own power is what will make this world fail at its purpose. We must all recognize our own strength. If we do not, others will take what we’ve left behind.

If you’re Christian or Catholic, or feel strongly about other beliefs and you’re reading this, please believe I do not mean to offend you or your beliefs, but I appreciate if you allow yourself to be open and understand that I don’t think everything you believe in is false. I believe in many parts of the bible. I believe in what the bible is. I believe that it is full of true answers about our world. I mainly believe that it is a gathering of historical documents for events that have occurred in the past, and that it is a representation of life in those times. I believe it may have been changed (maybe even a lot) into something that we praise incorrectly.

When we’re talking about giving it up to God to decide things and to lead the way, it leads to people losing their own power. So instead of 2 strong people, maybe now you’ve lost 1. And then instead of 1000 people, now you’ve lost more than 500 strong people, because those people are rejecting the idea that they hold all responsibilities for what happens in or around their life, so they gave their power to the rest of the world, thinking they gave it to God. But the rest of the world isn’t all good, there are a lot of bad people out there taking advantage of us, as individuals and as a group, this is who we’re giving the power to. To put this idea in perspective, it’s like people say with votes in politics, don’t leave it all up to others to decide, because you’re losing your voice that way, and letting others speak for you. Don’t complain when the results aren’t what you expected. Same idea.

Don’t get me wrong, you might be a very good religious person, and you do a lot of good in the world, but I don’t believe the ultimate truth lies in your religion, so if we’re not fully after truth, then we don’t ever really end up in the right place with all the right results. We might get close to a good world if we were all to be religious and being kind and caring people, but the fact remains that there are too many people out there confused because they don’t see the real truth, and they know deep down, the truth is still missing from within themselves. A lot of those people are confused because of religion, religion is attractive because it gives us something to believe in and it’s well organized and you can go anywhere to pray, but it isn’t full enough of the truth so it’s never fully satisfying. So somehow, you end up falling out of religion, or you fall out of your life without any understanding as to who you are and what you’re really made of. Sometimes you fall out and you never fall back into a decent place. Confusion and feeling lost in this world can be very damaging to a person, especially if you already don’t have a steady foundation for your life; people you trust, and who love and support you, etc.

I ask you to look around the world right now, everyone needs to be giving as close to 100% of their potential for us to survive through these times, and to come out of this victorious. I am not asking you to give up your view of God, I could never ask you that. I am simply saying what I think about it, and I’m asking you to think about what I’ve said and decide for yourself and for the world what’s truly best. Only you know what’s best for yourself, and hopefully you make the right choices. Just remember, you’re not always right. That sometimes needs to be repeated to oneself to get to the truth. This is more important than your ego. This is not to serve only you, it’s to serve everybody who lives here, and who keeps coming back to this earth.

To ask God to do everything for you and to leave it in “his” hands will only allow other problems to continue and people and situations will keep detecting that weakness in you. I encourage you to build yourself up so that that doesn’t happen to you and that you don’t end up feeling like the victim when “you pray to God every night” but don’t actually put the work into yourself. It’s like saying “I’ve told this person to change repeatedly, but they won’t change, and they’re making me unhappy every day”… talking about it over and over again won’t do anything, you have to make a change in your own life, whatever that may be. They might be little or big modifications within yourself or in your life, or you just need to make a drastic change. You have to search deep within yourself and find your answer, because only YOU truly know yourself and what you need. You are in charge of your life 100% and any failures and successes you have are yours to take responsibility for. Just don’t let any of it defeat you.


We’re all very important, and very equal. We might be part-human, but we have forgotten that we are our own entities, just like “Gods” and stars and anything else in this vast universe. So why have we left ourselves out of the equation? Do we think ourselves that small and insignificant? This is what some or most of us have been taught, in society, in our families, and our value is still being passed over as something so plain. It’s because we have made ourselves plain. We keep on living our lives the way society sees us, just another working man. Just another body. And now we look at each other that way as well. Nothing is a miracle anymore to the regular man. But some of us try to see things differently, I applaud you if you’re different, and if you’re appreciating this life. Just, please, don’t appreciate it only in a materialistic or superficial way. Recognize what isn’t true about you. We need the real you. Not some façade of your true self. We can only get so far with that. The real version of you will make the most difference in our world, and our world is desperate for good, strong, independent-minded people. Without your strength, you are not enough to help rebuild this world with love, positivity, and truth.

We have to be honest with one another and admit that the world needs truth right now, and if you can’t get absolute truth out of yourself, just simply yourself, we’re less armed than we’d like to be. You are the answer, it’s all inside of you and waiting to be uncovered. The world right now is not rooting for you, or for me, it’s rooting for power, money, and evil acts. We need to overturn things, and it starts with truth. And I sincerely believe that the truth lies within yourself, and that you have all the power to see that truth through and to bring it out into this world that needs it. Only truth will set us free.

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  1. I’m totally in agreement with your thinking. As John Lennon wrote in “I am the Walrus’,
    “I am he as you are he as you are me
    And we are all together”.
    An excellent post. Thank you for writing in such depth, an in a non-judgemental way. The world needs this message now, more than ever.

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