A View on Marijuana For Recreational Use

I’m 28, some people would still call that young, so I’m not coming from a place of “old school” judgment or anything like that. I’ve experienced a lot spiritually in my years so far and also have well explored and observed the world of marijuana. It’s a whole different world that you enter when you smoke pot and it concerns me how it’s generally being used today.

We can get one thing out of the way right now, I’m 100% on board for marijuana for medical use, including severe depression and such extreme cases, and also for the future of this planet, even for professional spiritual use. But to say that marijuana is good for us medically so it should also be fine to use recreationally, that’s really not based on anything, only the fact that people enjoy that high because it’s easier to find than a high while being sober. The things in life that are hard to get are the most worthy in my opinion.

Statistics show that 41% of marijuana users are between the ages of 18 and 34, the other smaller percentages are staggered in older age groups. I think it’s safe to assume there would be a very large percentage that is not accounted for, for the ages below 18 years old and it would be among the highest percentage of users. This age group, and young adults, is mainly who I think needs to become more aware of the different sides of marijuana. But regardless of your age, everybody should try to be informed about the spiritual consequences of marijuana.

There are some who claim to use it to advance themselves spiritually when they have already achieved a certain level of awareness and spirituality for themselves. It may help them connect to higher beings for a higher purpose, whatever it may be. If that’s the case for those individuals, then maybe it’s right for them. There are individual cases and I cannot speak for all of them. This article mainly focuses on the youth today and individuals who are searching for a higher meaning and instead of searching within themselves, they constantly search through drugs, and do not end up finding happiness or true self-knowledge.

I can’t get behind recreational use with marijuana for a lot of reasons. Mostly spiritual reasons.

The biggest issue for me with marijuana is that it interrupts the spiritual work that you do on yourself. They work against each other. On one hand, marijuana wants you to let go of all control and give it up to the experience. On the other hand, your spirituality wants you to drive yourself where you need to go. So when high, your mind tries to fight your soul from leaving and doing its own thing. It doesn’t feel natural for the mind to lose control. But the high requires you to completely let go in order to do its job of taking you away to another place, worry-free.

There was always my problem. I never felt comfortable with fully giving up the control, and with every bit of control that you try to hold on to while you’re high, it’s manifesting itself into anxiety or paranoia, or whatever else it is. But that’s a good thing, do not ignore it! You should listen to your body, mind and soul when high. It’s telling you what you need to know and if you don’t listen, you’re digging yourself further into unconsciousness. Becoming more unconscious is way scarier than to simply pay attention to the depressing or bad things that you’re feeling in your body and hearing in your mind, the things that are telling you something isn’t quite right. Here’s a quote I wrote once about this type of thing:

“Am I drowning in unconsciousness without being conscious of it?”

(Personal answer to this quote: I was…. and I was feeling my consciousness leaving me more and more every time, but then again I wasn’t, because I was always myself asking questions during those important soul-searching moments, and eventually got myself out and onto clearer things). My self-questioning got me through everything in life so far.

It’s OK to question everything… you’re not being overly-paranoid, you’re not being overly-anxious. It’s just your mind working a lot faster through all your thoughts, and it is hyper-focused on all its excitement and happiness, and also its worries and anxiety. In these moments, you are just anxious enough to figure out what you’re feeling and what’s happening within yourself, so pay attention, every little thing you feel and think is important for your life.

If you don’t ever ask yourself questions while you feel the need to somewhere deep down, you’re just letting life pass you by. This IS life. Life is full of questions that you should be asking yourself every day. This is the most exciting part of life, and it leads you to so many beautiful places. Sadly, the more you get into marijuana, the less progress you make on asking and answering your own questions properly as you become more unconscious of yourself and the things you should be doing to keep up. You’re letting many important thoughts go and these are meant to be your life lessons, that is sober life. It’s full of those exact challenges. In the end, it’s going to take some catching up to reverse the effects of ignoring all of the spiritual lessons you passed on along the way.

Letting the drug lead your life spiritually

You may think that you have such an awareness when you’re high that you’re doing your spiritual job with yourself. You’re fulfilling your “spiritual” duty and doing all the hard work you need to do with yourself through the drug, but you are wrong. You’re simply taking a shortcut and it isn’t going to last. You may learn things while you’re high, many of those you can take with you when you sober up, but you have actually taken steps back with your consciousness by ignoring your consciousness, which always tells us things aren’t 100% right when we’re high.

It is a lot like ignoring common sense, it’s a voice in the back of your mind telling you the right way to go. Your choices will come through when you’re sober. You are altering things in your mind that will take a lot of work to undo. Learning to take control of your own mind and spirituality again will take work, which is not something you’d think you’d have to do until you have to do it. Our spirituality may not appear as an obvious thing but it is very real and very present with us, whether you believe it or not. It is simply being here. Being with yourself. That’s spirituality. It’s everything that is you.

Your mind can’t be happy that you’re letting a substance drive you completely by itself. It takes everything from you; your body, mind and soul are being carried all at once in different ways. The body can be persuaded to be taken, but the mind isn’t that easy-going, and will put up a fight. The soul appears to be more flexible because it doesn’t harass you with its thoughts and observations, but don’t get it twisted, your soul wouldn’t thank you. Your soul knows exactly what it likes and knows who you are, it wants to see you discover it and explore it naturally and slowly. That’s how it’s done best.

It’s why you always hear “body, mind and soul”. They’re all meant to be happily connected and the more you naturally work on aligning them together, the closer you get to your soul’s personal answers. You really shake things up when you throw your three cores into random places as if they don’t know what they’re doing or who they belong to. You are their rightful owner, not marijuana, which has a purpose and a mind of its own. These may still be your thoughts and dreams that are coming out when you’re high, but the drug is still the boss and you’ll never get final say. It’s like saying you’re giving everything to God. Your choices, your future, your path. You won’t be the boss, you’re leaving your final decisions up to something or someone else. I certainly don’t agree with giving up my choices to anybody else but myself. (Link to my other article: God and how we are all God )

The mind is powerful, so it stays on when you’re high, but you can drown it out if you wish. You can leave things back there and not ever touch them. It goes for sobriety too, many people who live sober don’t work at becoming aware of their thoughts (that’s a whole different subject). You’re not necessarily behind just because you smoke pot often, you might even already be ahead, but keeping it up won’t bring you the ultimate happiness. You can think of Bob Marley if you want, I think many people glorify his life and assume he was happy but the fact is we don’t know what his level of happiness was. He did a lot of good, so that’s worth something big, he made a lot of sense, but most of us would make more sense while high, because you connect automatically with your subconsciousness, but not necessarily your consciousness. You can do all of that and more in your normal awake life, and guarantee to be heading down a road to happiness if that’s what you wish. I wouldn’t bet on the road to happiness with weed on a regular basis. Success, possibly. True and pure happiness, no.


I went through quite a terrible withdrawal when I stopped smoking, maybe a year or so after I started, around 16 years old. Up to that point when I quit, I hadn’t smoked every day or anything crazy, possibly just a few times a week, some weeks.

It wasn’t the mix of a physical and mental withdrawal that you might get with other drugs, it was mainly a mental one, but it might as well have been physical as it was excruciating. It went on for many months, of every day having my mind being tortured with a million anxious thoughts per second. I was filled with tons of anxiety and going through a depression. I felt I could only go to one person to try and get some kind of relief, and most of the time, even they could not help me. It was a cage for my mind and I seemed to be forever trapped in it. I didn’t know if it was ever going to end.

I realized after, that it’s what I got for torturing and neglecting my mind so much in the many times I smoked pot against my mind’s will. My mind never wanted this. It never even consented to this. It refused many times, and I would keep going, because of my piers and my young rebelling ways… it was my fault, but it was always a little hard for me to say no to an interesting experience that might even teach me something about myself. Maybe it would give me some insights on my life and give me some answers. I just always knew what was ahead if I smoked that day. Many times, especially later on, that was enough for me to say no.

If only I always had the confidence then to realize I was capable of achieving this type of excitement all on my own, without drugs. Then again, it taught me to be even more aware of every little thing. Along the way, I often tried to stop and gave myself a lot of breaks, and never stopped asking myself questions and writing my thoughts when I was high.

The thing that broke the cycle was a terrifying (but very real) trip to hell. I was so brutally shocked by all of it, I had to write about it afterwards. I’ll never forget to this day, every moment of that bad trip. I think I was shown a dark side of the world that does exist, and it’s an experience I’d never want to get rid of, but it was my own rock-bottom, and I took note of it. If I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I didn’t need the drugs to explore the world more, I had gotten everything I needed and a little more than I bargained for. I now had to go through a withdrawal that would probably take me years to gain my energy and happiness back from. I believe this last bad trip was meant to show me that I’d gone very far into the spiritual world, and the things I saw and felt were pretty scary, they weren’t the positive kind of spiritual things my soul was looking to experience first-hand.

My mind took me very far, to a reality, and a fear, that I couldn’t handle or didn’t want to be a part of. You may think the weed was laced with something crazy but I would often have bad trips and it doesn’t change the fact that I went somewhere that was very real to me. Others never seemed to react like me either.

My mind was always trying to show me something I needed to see. I don’t regret that bad trip, just like any other experience I’ve ever had, good or bad. But I mainly believe in positivity, while still keeping a realistic grasp on this world, both spiritually and physically. That experience was enough for me to move forward and focus more on spreading positivity and truth, while there are so many dark things happening in this world. I think that’s what we need to shine on.

I could hardly do anything from the horror I was experiencing from that bad trip but I somehow managed to find my phone in my purse, and dialed a certain phone number which did not come from memory as I had no function there… my fingers simply pressed the keys, while my entire being was in shock, and they then came to pick me up. I wrote this poem shortly after:

Your mind kills you as you betray it.

You leave your body and everything behind,

and you don’t know where you are.

I can’t see; I can’t speak in this world.

I said, “This isn’t real,” but I didn’t believe it.

It’s a place that we don’t want to see.

There’s no mercy in hell.

Lost somewhere in time, we are not here.

But at least with the illusion,

my heart carried me home.

The more you smoke pot, the more you do it without realizing the consequences on your spirituality, and the worst it will get for your actual spirituality. You will not get happy this way. You will not be fulfilled the way you truly can be. We, as humans, have a certain amount of potential with ourselves and our souls (it feels limitless). Do not limit yourself because you have not yet explored the natural deeper sides of you. Drugs are a way of entering a spiritual type of world with an easy little shortcut, but it’s just a glimpse. It’s not the real, long-lasting thing. You’re not even in the right spiritual world and it’s like it’s written all over when you truly look. It won’t bring you your ultimate dreams. The dream is within yourself, no strings attached.

The people who are most aware spiritually, to me, are the ones who don’t fully enjoy being high, there’s something that’s telling them it’s not all right and they are hearing it or feeling it. Anybody can gain this awareness if they try hard enough for themselves. There’s no such thing as “you are better than me” or “I am better than you”. There is just trying to be aware of yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings in every moment, and growing from there.

The alcohol argument

Speaking almost strictly about the way these affect your spirit:

The difference with alcohol (in moderation) and weed (in moderation) in my opinion is that the high with weed can be an addiction by itself, it’s an addiction to a new, easy-to-get spiritual lifestyle, that is otherwise a lengthy process that requires a lot more effort.

Alcohol is a fast thing (you almost don’t notice it happening) and not entirely as exciting and addicting to the mind, body and soul altogether as marijuana. Alcohol seems to be more for unwinding the mind which leaves it to temporarily forget about itself. Your consciousness is paused until further notice, as your mind is taking a break… If you drink enough in one sitting or on the regular, your subconsciousness surely will feel the effects and it will affect you on your day to day life. That’s why drinking should only be in moderation or not at all.

I believe smoking marijuana often has more long-lasting negative effects than the regular night out, even if you get really drunk. Your thoughts and mind changes after a night of smoking up and the withdrawal from marijuana is felt deep down. It’s not like alcohol, where your mind can pick back up where you left off after you sober up and after sometimes terrible hangovers. Sure, you lose a lot by drinking heavily in your youth and it’s unhealthy when not in moderation, but I think unless you’re dealing with alcoholism, marijuana has worst effects on the body, mind and soul if you’re doing it regularly or often.

I’ve had terrible nights/hangovers with alcohol where I’d have anxiety and I’d feel all kinds of things, spiritually and physically, but they were never long-lasting effects like marijuana where they severely affected my mind and thoughts even later on.

An alcohol addiction is a totally different beast compared to chronic marijuana use as it affects you in different ways. In using them constantly, they are both substance addictions but they need to be treated without comparing to each other as they are not at all the same.

Weed, as an add-on, whether used regularly or often, simply can bring a dependence to a spiritual lifestyle that is hard to get the natural way. But it isn’t real and it can bring more bad than good in the end. Spirituality is an addicting thing when you find it, but the natural and sober way is always safer, and way more rewarding.

Question of maturity and personal issues when using marijuana

I believe there is such a thing as someone having more issues than others and them being affected differently. Maybe your issues are not dealt with properly yet, and if that’s the case, I’m guilty of smoking pot when I wasn’t mature enough and hadn’t dealt with my issues well enough yet. I already had a sense of spirituality though, which helped me sort through a lot of what I was going through both sober and high.

We also have to remember, there’s the other side of the coin which is not to have experienced enough pain or sadness yet that you aren’t aware of the things you’re causing your mind or body. Some people who have a lot of issues when they do drugs are extra sensitive to pain or sadness which can be useful in these situations where you need to know right from wrong. It’s just a matter of a person trying to be conscious of their actions, thoughts and feelings, regardless of their past.

People who are too immature when they smoke pot will sometimes go too far and do it for so long that their minds don’t get to mature, their consciousness don’t get to thrive. Their consciousness maybe never even got to fully take off by itself yet. And then there’s the mix of immaturity and issues together, that’s a problematic mix but for all of the above, it’s a parent’s job to teach the kid that you can find all the answers and all the happiness in the world by yourself. You’re capable of having that without help from substances of any kind. Experimenting is OK (to a certain degree) but remembering what you were taught and where you came from, that’s what will bring you back.

If you believe you are mature enough to smoke pot regularly and not gain any consequences from it, I say you are either settling, or you’re unaware of the true beauties that life has to offer you. Maybe you haven’t experienced true happiness yet or you’ve forgotten how great it was to be happy as a kid/teenager. That’s usually all we have to compare with, our childhood and how happy or unhappy we were. I hope you have some memories from your childhood that you can look back on and realize you can grow onto that kind of happiness. You can get way better than what you felt as a kid when you were ultimately happy. I hope you realize that that is possible for you, and that you should never have to settle for anything less.

Smoking marijuana is like stealing a dream, it doesn’t really fully belong to you and you come back to reality thinking you’ve done your job of fulfilling your dream, because it sure was like a dream. But you haven’t actually accomplished anything yet. Even if you did, it wasn’t 100% you, it was just laced with you. Your happiness won’t grow from there because true happiness only comes to those who work on it themselves. Don’t use marijuana as a way to live and enjoy life. Work on all of that by yourself. You have all the tools within.

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