The Universal Battle Of Good vs. Evil

When you look around, it seems like everything is as it should be. But that is far from the truth. Around you, the sky is blue, trees are sitting perfectly in place, children are playing and laughing, bringing you happiness. In your house, you have comfort, food, and family. You attend your school classes as usual, and/or you go to work every day to do your job. You have things to look forward to, like events, holidays, finding a life partner or achieving your dreams.

We like to think that we live normal and generally satisfying lives. We think that things here on earth are pretty straight-forward, that we understand this world… But I’m here to tell you, there are secrets you MUST know about this world you live in. There’s a lot more than meets the eye and it’s important for you to understand exactly what’s hidden here on earth. With only your knowledge of these secrets, you can change the future of this world which right now looks very dark.

Everyone is aware of the very serious things that are happening in the world and every day, these serious things seem to get closer to home. Whether that be wars, violence, famine, illnesses, pollution, terrorism, natural disasters, and even more serious things; like corruption and pure evil acts that bring on thoughts of things we would rather not even picture in our minds because they are so horrible and inhumane.
Those horrible, inhumane things are the very things I want you to think about for a second. I promise, in a minute, things will be a bit brighter and more enlightening. Right now, think of pedophilia and child rape, adult rape, child and human trafficking, and cold blooded murder. Realize these are very real things that are happening every day, even in our own neighborhoods and cities, and they are getting more frequent by the day. Now think of these disgusting crimes being organized by very large groups of people who all strive for the same evil things and who are constantly looking to expand their operations as to become more global. Please ask yourself how human beings, like you and me, are capable of such cruel things!

The answer is that people like you and me are not meant for or driven toward such cruel things at our core. These inhumane people are not like you and me. They are a different species of people in the most literal way.
Now before you write off this article completely because it just got “weird”, you owe it to yourself to consider all the possibilities. Why wouldn’t you? If it’s still ridiculous by the end then so be it.

Please know, there are plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of facts and evidence to be found on the internet, in scriptures, in history books, and from scientists and experts that support my claims in one way or another. You may do your own research to find out more. I strongly encourage it. Be aware that a lot of information constantly gets removed by the powerful people who want these very crimes to be normalized. Trust only yourself in your research, and never stop researching.

The evil force and the positive force:

We’re living in a spiritual world/universe made of energy forces, which are positive or negative. I can’t tell you why it is that “they” are here, maybe it’s simply to take over the earth, or maybe it’s to win the “ultimate battle” of good vs. evil, but all I can say with absolute certainty is that they’re here. They are among us. Just like a wild alien movie would say: “they are here, they have arrived, they are trying to take over”. The difference between this and a movie is that they have quite discreetly been here for a very long time, and they are fighting pretty hard to keep their presence secret. Then again, we are smarter and wiser than them, but only when we are aware and awake. So the more aware we become, the clearer they are to see. And they are not hiding so well anymore, many of us can see that.

We are in a spiritual war of good vs. evil, a possibly never-ending one, but it’s also possible that it can be won. We are all part of it, right now, playing our cards a certain way, even if we’re not aware of it. It’s happening all around you. Everywhere you look, a part of the battle can be seen right in front of your eyes. We are not alone, we are already invaded.

It’s big news: you have been invited to live on earth at a time where this battle is coming to an end, once again. Someone is about to win. Also, it’s possible, no one is about to win, but a very long-lasting battle is about to be over in a big way. Picture Star Wars and the force. I’d be surprised if you haven’t thought of it already! It’s like a war between the worlds, the good species vs. the evil species.

If you wonder how it’s possible that we’re a different species from the evil people in this world, and why we all look the same, you’ll have to do some research on it, but I assure you, it’s very possible. In my mind, it’s no longer a question as I’ve lived with this truth too long to deny it. But it takes practice to disconnect your mind from the world that we’re living in. Think of the Matrix. It’s the same idea. You must disconnect yourself from what you’ve been taught and what you’ve grown up thinking. Most importantly, you have to disconnect from the physical world and the notion that everything is as it physically seems, and that nothing incredibly magical and surreal can be beyond that.

Who are they? What do they want?

They are a different species than us, human beings. They may look the same as we do, but they have a different DNA and a different way of being. I can’t be sure whether most of them are born without a soul but it seems to me that’s a high possibility, but I believe many of them sell their souls to the devil in some way or another in their life here on earth. At that point, something changes in them, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are required to go through some kind of physical change to complete the process.

You have celebrities who want to gain more fame, power, and money, then you have the royal family who is evil to their very core and who has been this way for a long time. Religion plays a big part in this, so countless priests and religious figures have a seat in this group. You also have bankers and politicians who love money and power, and all of these people have the same thing in common, they will kill and rape children for the pure pleasure of it. If that’s not the most evil thing you’ve ever heard or thought about happening in the world, I would be shocked. I can’t imagine it could get more evil. Children are the purest thing there is, along with animals and other vulnerable beings.

The positive:

Now, enough with the depressing, let’s realize, we also make a very large group of strong-minded, wise, and positive people. There’s nothing that can stop us from making the change we would like to make on earth, so that when we die and maybe come back here, we don’t come back to a planet that has been taken over by an evil species and we have to obey to their every laws. I don’t want to come back to that and I don’t wish it upon anybody else. It all sounds like a movie but I assure you, this is reality.
For years, so many important and real things have been lied about or hidden from us so that we could be weakened, such as special spiritual gifts that any person can have, magic, alien life, the truth about the universe and space, natural therapies and natural health, positive and negative energies, and even true love is being downgraded to a simple fantasy. We’re being taught to be without passion and without optimistic beliefs. We’ve been taught most things by all the wrong people. No wonder our world is falling apart. But the resistance is here now, as many of us are “waking up”, and we need that more than ever.

The idea that there is an evil species living here on earth with us will make you better understand corruption and censorship in politics, in Hollywood, on social media and all mainstream media, in new and advanced technology. It will help you connect the dots for things like 9/11, mass shootings in the US, gun control, the Kennedy murders, the murder of Princess Diana and many other murders of people who spoke out in some way; celebrities, scientists, whistleblowers and others.
It will also help you to understand pedophilia and child trafficking among the rich, the famous and royal families, namely pedophilia rings. It will help you to understand chemtrails, chemicals in your food, fluoride in your water, the cancer scheme, vaccinations, the dark web and other incredibly shocking “conspiracy theories”. The amount of secrets that are kept are astounding.

The evil in this world does more wrong than you could imagine in your wildest dreams. I couldn’t understand how evil could live inside us when humans are filled with so much good. How could humans chase that kind of negative and wrong lifestyle when we’re constantly faced with the most positive people and positive actions? It turns out, they’re not part of us. Nothing so incredibly different could come from the same place. Evil is not part of being human.
Evil should be overturned in the face of unrelenting positivity. We’ve tried as a species, and we’re still trying, but this force is very strong. It takes every person’s awareness to defeat the evil in the world and we can do it.

Please note that with the following optional subjects to explore, you may stop at any point, and decide that it’s too much for you to believe in, but you don’t have to let one extreme subject take away the other things you may have come to believe in from the research you have done around this article.
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