God and how we are all God

God and how we are all God

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It slightly annoys me when people say to leave it in God’s hands, or that God is more powerful than us and he will decide what’s best for us, etc., etc. I get annoyed enough to complain in my head and also have a little discussion with myself about what I think of that. But I’ve learned not to say anything out loud because we must still respect one another, regardless of our differing opinions. We are still all brothers and sisters… You can imagine the reason why I’m writing about it though, I have to vent, and I have to speak my own truth for the people who might connect with it if they choose to. Some things just can’t go unspoken.

What my truth is, is that we are all beautiful, heavenly pieces of “God”, and all together we form what we call “God”. We are all one. I’m not religious, I’m just spiritual, and for certain reasons, I think the word “God” has taken on the wrong general meaning to people in our society today. “God” to me, although I admit I don’t love to use the word “God” because of how others sometimes perceive it, means all things spiritual; the earth, the universe, you, me, our hearts, our bodies, our minds, and all beings and things… basically absolutely everything that exists to me is a little piece of God. Sometimes I prefer using the word “universe”. It’s not very pretty but when I have to use a word with someone, I’ll use that one.


Why do I think that you are God and I am God and we are all God?


I think we are all God because we all come from the same place; this universe, which is like a giant ball of magical things inside, and full of secrets too… just exactly the way you would dream up a whole world. Not boring, not plain, but full of magic and secrets… how much better can it get? It’s such a lie that there’s Continue reading “God and how we are all God”