Preparedness Plan/Emergency Kits

I urge everyone to have their emergency kits stocked and ready to go for any natural disaster (or other) that might occur in your region. There is a very large spike in natural disasters around the world, as well as wars and such, and it’s better to be prepared, no matter where you live.
Pack enough to support your family for 30 days, even better for 6 months to a year if possible. Better safe than sorry.
Some ideas to include in your emergency kit:
– Canned, dried, packaged food (healthier is better)
– Water (lots – fluoride-free)
– Silver/gold/any precious metals ready for trade, plus some cash (coins are better)

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Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:14

We are almost there. People are trying very hard to get messages through. We are right around the corner to something very, very big. A big spiritual and physical change is coming toward us.

Life feels different every day for me personally, I can feel it in the air, I can feel it in my body and in everything around me. There is an awakening right now and an even bigger one coming. Continue reading “Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:14”

Links to Great Websites; Planet X, Space and Earth Weather, Biblical End times, Alternative News – Planet X, Nibiru, Dark Star News

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Countdown to the new age begins as final cabal underground bases subdued

Conspiracy Daily Update

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Message from Benjamin Fulford

The battle over the planet earth is coming to an end as the final Khazarian mafia underground bases and strongholds fall, White Dragon Society sources report. However, there is still some heavy duty last minute horse trading going on between East and West as the January 20th start of the presidency of Donald Trump approaches, according to sources involved in the negotiations. The future of our planet and our species is what is at stake.

The big battle still to be concluded is the one over who exactly will be controlling the process of creating and distributing money, which is the real source of power on this planet. Put another way, what is at stake is the process of deciding what we, as a species, do in the future.

With a little over one week to…

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Kanye West: I’m An Alien Sent To Earth To Help Humanity


Doctors who treated Kanye West at the UCLA Medical Center say that the pop star thinks he is an alien sent to Earth to help humanity.

According to the new issue of Life & Style magazine, Kanye West told doctors and medical staff that he was a “starseed” sent on a mission to help Earth.

When he first went to the psych ward, he was hearing voices,” notes an insider.

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A Great Reading List! From 4Biddenknowledge On Facebook


My suggestion which they didn’t mention : The “Gaia hypothesis” Collection by James Lovelock

Their suggestions:

The Manual of Sumerian Texts, The Epic Of Gilgamesh, Atrahasis, Enuma Elish, Mahabharata, The Bhagavad Gita, Plato The Symposium, Emerald Tablets Of Thoth, The Nag Hammadi, Indian Vedas,Torah, Bible, Quran, bibliotecapleyades, Book of Hermes, Homer’s Iliad, Books of the Pseudepigrapha: Epistle of Barnabas First (and Second) Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians The letter of the Smyrnaeans (also known as The Martyrdom of Polycarp) The Book of Enoch,

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