Toxic Egos : The Taker

There are many kinds of people out there, but some of them will stick out to you because of their irritable personalities when you get to really know them. Everyone has egos to manage but you’ll notice the taker as having quite a large ego. These people usually still have a good heart somewhere deep down, it’s just buried underneath a lot of issues. This particular type of person passes on these qualities to others around them, which makes for a less positively productive world when you add up how many of these toxic personalities are out there.

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God And How We Are All God

It slightly annoys me when people say to leave it in God’s hands, or that God is more powerful than us and he will decide what’s best for us, etc., etc. I get annoyed enough to complain in my head and also have a little discussion with myself about what I think of that. But I’ve learned not to say anything out loud because we must still respect one another, regardless of our differing opinions. We are still all brothers and sisters… You can imagine the reason why I’m writing about it though, I have to vent, and I have to speak my own truth for the people who might connect with it if they choose to. Some things just can’t go unspoken.

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